Delightfully Futuristic
  • BPL IQ is a comprehensive, wireless home automation system, in fact the future of it.
  • BPL IQ products are compatible with CISCO and Control 4 home automation Solution.
  • BPL IQ Solution is flexible and scalable to fit your life style needs and budget.
  • It can be installed in new homes being built or retrofitted in existing homes.
Automatic Security
Protect your home and loved ones. 24x7BPL IQ safeguards your home against unwanted intrusion, even when you’re away. It protects your home from theft, gas leak and floodwater. It will even send you an alarm by SMS.

Automated Lighting and AC
Set your own mood with a touch BPL IQ controls all your lights and AC at home. You can switch off or on, or dim them as you want. Also can create pre-programmed mood lighting themes of your own.

Automated Entertainment
Enjoy life by tapping your finger BPL IQ lets you manage your entire home entertainment system. You can pipe music and video throughout your home or just sit back and watch your favourite channel.

Automated Operation
Control your home from out of home BPL IQ lets you manage your home from the outside with a variety of interfaces such as laptop, desktop or tablet computers using the internet, or through a smart phone using wireless telecommunication.